Glorious Women

The women foundation is geared to train and empower all women with skills in their specific areas of need, in order to fulfill their family obligations as help mate to their husbands. Equally, the women are strengthened through serminals, workshops and prayer sessions organized regularly. Our goal primarily is to bring out the best in our women to enable them to be fulfilled as the children of God, family keepers and worthwhile income earners. Also, we aim to raise women leaders that will distinguish themselves honorably always.
Our Mission And Objectives
  • To teach and encourage women to take active roles in the church
  • To explore all affairs connecting to women’s health and welfare
  • To organize terminals, conferences, workshops and public lectures beneficial to women and the community
  • To discuss and address general feminine matters
  • To assist the less privileged women in making and having a fulfilled life
  • To address all matters relating to christian home as concerning women
  • To train women to become prayer eagles
  • To create an avenue whereby younger sisters can learn from older ones
    To encourage women of integrity to participate in the things of God
    To have a voice for sisters in the affairs of the ministry
    To prepare battle ready christian sisters mandated to pull down strongholds
    To teach women on financial managements and investments