Men Of Valor
We the Men of Valor Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry Woodbury Minnesota branch of the main Head quarter in Nigeria coordinated by MFM united State of America happily present to you our men of valor belief. We collaborate with our USA and Nigerian men of valor in achieving the purpose of man in doing the work of God.
Our Woodbury Minnesota Men of valor has been set up to achieve the following objectives:
–    Empower men spiritually because when men are spiritually empowered they can possess their possessions
–    Establish, recreate an array of men who will remake the world
–    Empower men that will cause a change in the household of God and in the society
–    Empower men that will live impactful lives
We made our objectives achievable through monthly workshops, rotational men residence prayer meetings, deliverance services, marriage seminars and other MFM worldwide ministry program.
Please be part of our heavenly race mission through MFM Men of Valor, for your spiritual and physical empowerment.
God bless you.
Men of Valor Woodbury Minnesota Branch, USA.